Green Bean Cake (绿豆糕)

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Green Bean Cake (绿豆糕)

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Adjust Servings:
1 bag Date Paste
1 Bag around 300 gram Coloring Peeled Split Green Bean About 2 Cups
2 Tablespoons Coloring Sesame Oil
3 Tablespoons Sugar
2 Tablespoons Oliver Oil
2 Tablespoons Condensed Milk Optional
2 Tablespoons Coloring Water
2 Teaspoon Premium Grade Matcha Powder

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  • Vegan

Green Bean Cake is a seasonal dessert for summer which I loved to eat when I was a kid, I couldn't recall how long I haven't eaten the green bean cake, but the flavor had been memorialized and I always wanted to reproduce the dessert myself.

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  • Serves 4
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Green Bean Cake is a seasonal dessert for summer which I loved to eat when I was a kid, I couldn’t recall how long I haven’t eaten the green bean cake, but the flavor had been memorialized and I always wanted to reproduce the dessert myself.

At most time red been paste is using for the fillings, but since my family loves date paste, so we use date paste as the fillings, but you can always welcome to use red bean paste. You can buy the date paste from Chinese supermarket or surprisingly you can find the date fillings from amazon as well. I already have a few recipes using date paste, please check it out from below:

Pastry with Date Paste Filling

The date paste is look like this from amazon:

Since I am a healthy freak and don’t like too sweet and too fatty stuff, so my recipe has reduced the sugar and also I have substituted Butter to Oliver and Sesame Oils.

Everyone probably already know the health benefit for Oliver and Sesame Oils, but do you know the health benefit for Green Bean? The health benefits of green beans include the reduced risk of heart disease and colon cancer, as well as an improved regulation of diabetes. They provide a boost to your immune system and contributes to the elimination of harmful free radicals. There are more benefits for green bean, today we are not going to discuss in details, let’s start cooking Green Bean Cake.

Before start cooking, I have to introduce two more things, First is peeled split green bean (Mung Bean). You can get from amazon or any Chinese supermarket. This is the main ingredient for this recipe.

Second, in order to get the beautiful shape, you need to use a mooncake mold. I got mine from amazon, you can using this mooncake decoration mold with 4 stamps.

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In a rice cooker or pressure cooker, add clean water to slightly cover the mung beans (same amount of water when you cook rice) and cook with a rice procedure until the beans are soft and easy to smash. Then mix them with a spatula until a smooth and fine mixture.


Transfer it to a mixing bowl, add sugar, Oliver oil and condensed milk into the green bean mixture, keep folding and mixing it until they can sticky together easily.


Transfer the mixture to a pot, turn on the heat, add sesame oil, and keep stirring the mixture in one direction, and add water and continue stirring it until it's smooth. Turn off the heat.



Transfer the mixture into a bowl. Divide the dough into two equal portions and then transfer one portion out. Add around 2 teaspoons matcha powder to the another portion and mix well.



Put a small amount of the green bean paste into a mooncake mold, make an indent with your thumb, put in the date paste (red bean paste if you prefer). Flatten it a little, and on the top add a small amount of the green bean paste to cover the fillings. Press the mooncake mold on a cutting board or flat surface, and then push on the top of mooncake mold to get the green bean cake out.


You need to operate this step when the mixture is not hot but still warm.


I work and live in New York, and primarily I am working for a financial firm, on my personal life, I am a food blogger! Enjoy cooking, dancing and having good meals.

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